The Lobster Tank Mentality

Monday morning short movie time, and this morning – as we get close to the Easter break – Spring is in the air at Varda Kreuz Towers.

This morning I woke to a sunshine filled bedroom, with birdsong in the trees outside and as I look out of my office window the glare of the sunshine is making me squint while the blue sky lying underneath the white clouds seems to have been missing from this view forever.

And doesn’t it just make you want be active, create, do something special?

You may have had the world’s greatest idea on your way to work this morning, you may have skipped to the front door and rushed to your workplace, you might be looking forward to the rest of your life with renewed vigour and optimism because today some light just got switched on.

Before anybody knocks that feeling of immense purpose out of you and clips your wings to try to stop you flying, have a quick watch of this.

Here’s a piece from my forthcoming book, “The Extremely Successful Salesman Club” that sums it up perfectly.

“As they settled down for dinner, Barnabas raised his hand. “Do you see that large lobster tank over there?”

They watched as the lobsters seemed to climb on each others backs, making tall lobster columns before toppling backwards and joining the other inhabitants of the tank on the base. As Simeon watched he saw that they were pulling the top lobster back amongst them.

“How strange, those lobsters could easily climb out of the tank, there seems to be no lid or impediment to their escape, but every time one of them gets near to the top the rest of them pull him right back to the bottom.”

“Well spotted,” said Barnabas “bizarre, is it not?”

They both watched a little a longer before he continued;

“And that is how society seems to treat one another. Most people don’t know that they are doing it; it just appears to be the way they are.

Whenever a friend or relation has an opportunistic chance for betterment everybody else seems to delight in pointing out why the opportunity is beyond their capabilities, above their station in life, or just so far out of reach it would be pointless even trying for.

They will be convincing and sincere, however all they are actually doing is no more than passing on their own fears and superstitions regarding life outside of their own lobster tank.

You see, they have convinced themselves that they are extremely happy there; they have no understanding why anyone should want to leave the comfort of the lobster tank!

Even worse than this, deep within their subconscious they would rather not have someone they know well, going outside of their insular world and proving their theories wrong or, God forbid, showing them that their long held beliefs are actually not true, that the world outside the tank has an abundance of comfort and riches and, if you set your mind to acknowledge them, opportunities galore.”

Have a great week


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2 responses to “The Lobster Tank Mentality

  1. I have to say, every time I come to you have another interesting post up to read. One of my friends was talking to me about this topic a couple weeks ago, so I think I will e-mail my friend the url here and see what they say.

  2. Thanks – really appreciate the positive response


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