A Christmas Prayer for Salespeople


MAY YOU BE SEEN AS YOU WISH TO BE VIEWED, helped as you wish to be helped; and in return, recognise that those you call on long for someone to do the same.

May the charlatans and half-jobs never darken your door, but with the knowledge that they exist, drive you to reach every prospect an hour before the dishonest get a chance to knock.

May you wake every morning eager to help the world achieve their dreams, and everyday find someone who is just as interested in helping you achieve yours.

When you need to be heard, may you find someone who will listen wholeheartedly to every word; and by doing so, teach you how to listen with all of your heart.

May you always be charged honestly for the services and products you require, and in return, offer the same courtesy to all who purchase from you.

May you always be asked questions that empower people to help you, and by doing so, enlighten you to help others by asking exceptional questions of your own.

May your days be free of naysayers and pessimists; but filled with memories of raising others to the heights they aspired to reach.

And may the year ahead be filled with the smiles of the people you love and the knowledge that your happiness and prosperity was procured by delivering happiness and prosperity to others.

Have a fabulous Christmas and wishing you an exceptional New Year

Best regards



Thanks for reading this blog post. On my blog, I regularly write about Sales, Sales Management and Customer Service issues, topics and trends.

I’d also be delighted to connect via Twitter, YouTube and of course, through Varda Kreuz Training.

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About: Chris Murray is founder and Managing Director of Varda Kreuz Training, a company created to deliver sales training that really works – not in theory and not just sometimes, but sales training that really works. You can find out more about Varda Kreuz Training HERE or give us a call right now on 0844 923 9777 (UK)

His latest book, The Extremely Successful Salesman’s Club is an Amazon Number 1 Best Seller and has been heralded as the Da Vinci Code for salespeople.



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