The Dangers of Outsourcing Sales Training

I was approached last month by a European Training Magazine, to write a regular monthly article with regards to Business Development and Sales Training.

The first “The Perils of Outsourcing Sales Training” – will be published later this month.

Clearly I can’t just make this freely available outside the magazine – they would fall out with me pretty quickly if I did that – but I wanted to make sure that all those with access to all of my other free resources and articles didn’t miss out.

In the article I talk about;

  • Finding a sales trainer who shares your philosophy on sales – and actually cares about helping you and your team hit your targets
  • The truth regarding return on Investment, and what you can really expect rather than the bloated promises and percentage figures that some people just love to throw around.
  • How to ensure you’re working with someone who has studied the art and science of sales and also actually been there and done it (rather than just reading about being there and how others did it once).

If you go to this link and simply enter your first name and email address, the link for the PDF with the full article will appear in your inbox automagically within minutes.

Hope you find it useful, best regards



Thanks for reading this blog post. On my blog, I regularly write about Sales, Sales Management and Customer Service issues, topics and trends. I’d also be delighted to connect via Twitter, YouTube and of course, through Varda Kreuz Training.

About: Chris Murray is founder and Managing Director of Varda Kreuz Training, a company created to deliver sales training that really works – not in theory and not just sometimes, but sales training that really works. You can find out more about Varda Kreuz Training HERE or give us a call right now on 0844 293 9777 (UK)

His latest book, The Extremely Successful Salesman’s Club is an Amazon Number 1 Best Seller and has been heralded as the Da Vinci Code for salespeople.


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