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The Real Secret to Sales Success

There’s a secret to business success – which, if you’re already doing it on a regular basis, won’t be that much of a big surprise – but that’s probably only around 5% of all the salespeople out there – so I think it’s worth sharing.

It took me quite a long time to recognise this little nugget of truth for what it really is, and then distil it into a couple of memorable, tweet length sentences – but here they are.

The reason my career soared, while others around me splashed around in a muddy pool of bitterness and mediocrity – was due to this simple fact;

I went out and got business – most people want to be given business, so they can go out and get it.

Go on, read it again – it’s deeper than you think.

But that’s how my career stepped up – one rung at a time – and kept on rising.

When there didn’t appear to be any business – I found a way to create the opportunity

When there was a shortage of customers – I went out and found some prospects.

When the fishermen went home hungry and defeated, telling me not to bother even trying – the first thing I’d do was dredge the pond – in case they’d missed something.

Then I hiked over to the lake and tried again, while they all went to the pub and talked about the one that got away.

Hey, sometimes I went home with less than they did.

But they made a habit of giving up – I made a habit of never giving in.

Some will tell you the secret of success is simply rising and then staying above mediocrity.

That’s not far wrong.

I’ll add to that and say, while you’re pulling yourself above mediocrity, make sure you also develop your tenacity and positivity muscles too.

This wasn’t me being better than anyone else – or smarter, or more knowledgeable, or being given a better patch with better prospects.

It’s just that – when people gave me the opportunity (and wage) to go and grow their business – I didn’t expect them to give me leads on a plate.

I went out and found business for them – and brought it back with my tail wagging.

So the real secret is this;
Below average salespeople wait for their business to create sales leads. Above average salespeople create business opportunities, and become Sales Leaders
(Average performers, who aren’t putting in the effort, are just riding a wave of luck – which never lasts long)

You can sit at your desk just hoping, hitting the send/receive button if you like – or maybe leave it to chance that the social media campaign, website or marketing department will bring prospects directly to your door – and hey, some probably will.

But that’s the same business everyone around you has access to – including the competition. It was coming anyway – with or without a salesperson to pick it up

There’s a reason diamonds are tough to uncover– the really valuable stuff isn’t found just lying on the beach for anyone to pick up.

Fill your pipeline with pebbles if you want – but diamonds are what they’ll congratulate you for.

So where should you start – where’s all this business hiding?

  • You find it with new clients
  • You find it with disgruntled old clients
  • You look for new opportunities within existing clients
  • You portfolio sell across the board

On top of that;

  • Don’t moan when there’s no business – that’s your job – go and get some
  • Don’t treat customers like one night stands – learn how you genuinely help and watch your results prosper when you start to put that into practice.
  • Learn what you don’t know and get better at the stuff you do
  • Listen to, emulate and take advice from winners – never whiners
  • Stop trying to find the quick way of doing absolutely everything – find the most effective way, and then perfect it.
  • Do one more call, every day after what used to be your last call. Forty weeks a year, equals two hundred extra calls. If we work on one in ten, ask yourself – what would twenty more opportunities do for your pipeline?


Thanks for reading this blog post. On my blog, I regularly write about Sales, Sales Management and Customer Service issues, topics and trends. I’d also be delighted to connect via Twitter, YouTube and of course, through Varda Kreuz Training.

About: Chris Murray is founder and Managing Director of Varda Kreuz Training, a company created to deliver sales training that really works – not in theory and not just sometimes, but sales training that really works. You can find out more about Varda Kreuz Training HERE or give us a call right now on 0844 923 9777 (UK)

His latest book, The Extremely Successful Salesman’s Club is an Amazon Number 1 Best Seller and has been heralded as the Da Vinci Code for salespeople.


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From the Author

When I was a Sales Director looking for sales trainers to improve my team – to give them the great start that I’d had within larger organisations – I wanted someone that completely understood the role of a field sales team and the market in which I operated.

I didn’t find them!

One of the main reasons I formed Varda Kreuz Training and the On Trade Sales Academy stemmed from those frustrations and they were reflected in my reasoning for writing this handbook – there simply isn’t enough out there to help field sales people, especially not for the FMCG* side of things.

Sure there’s lots of generic work, but nothing for someone stumbling into their first field sales job or looking for a useful refresher.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on the office line – +44 (0) 844 293 9777 – if I’m around I’ll take the call, if I’m training one of our delightful reception staff will take your details and I’ll call you back as soon as I’m free.

You can also e-mail me (ultimatefieldsales@vardakreuztraining.com) with any suggestions for the third edition, your thoughts on this one or just for a general chat regarding field sales team training – either way I’d love to hear from you.

I hope you enjoy reading the book as much as I did writing it.

Best regards,

Chris Murray

*FMCG – Fast Moving Consumer Goods

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